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We know moving can be daunting, so here's a helpul list of some of the local amenities to help you along:
  • Doctors’ Surgery/Medical Centre – Albrighton, Codsall & Perton

  • Chemists – Albrighton, Codsall & Perton

  • Dentists – Albrighton & Codsall

  • Shops – Albrighton, Codsall & large Sainsburys in Perton

  • Pubs – Summerhouse (A464) and Oaken Arms (A41)

  • Public Transport:-

             Buses: within ¾ miles on A41.

             Trains: Shrewsbury/Wolverhampton/Birmingham from Albrighton and Codsall stations.

  • Taxis – Albrighton & Codsall

  • Leisure Facilities – Codsall Leisure Centre & Perton Community Centre

  • Council Offices & Library – Codsall

  • Churches – Albrighton, Codsall & Perton

Leisure Space

As well as the front and rear gardens your property has, the park also has a green space, known as 'The Paddock' this is for the residents to use and is maintained by the park owner.

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